Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jenina San Miguel

watched the highly recommended clip of binibining pilipinas 2008 regardin jenina san miguel. and the response of ruffa gutierrez - former binibining pilipinas representing the banana republic in the miss world pageant. here's some after thoughts.

ok fine, jenina does not seem like the type of girl who can power up a nuclear reactor with her brain power. and i agree with wat the former binibining pilipinas said regarding dat physical beauty shouldn't be the sole deciding factor of an beauty pageant. but when did speaking english become synonymous with having a brain? to attack someone's intellect by saying they can't speak proper english is absurd to say the least.

everything in life is about choices, even in a country where 95% of population can speaks english, u can still choose not to speak english. its thoses choices that represent one's character's, that is also an important character in being a beauty queen, among other things.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion with which the physician within you heals your sick self, Therefore trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Life is Now, Not 2morow, Not Yesteday


u bet, but how many ppl can actually do dat? sooner or later, responsibility and uncertaity of 2morow kicks in.

u might wonder wats with all the recent melancholy entries? truth is, i'm not so sure myself.. might have been the weather, might be becuz i'm in a phase. wat ever it is, it made me see something. somethin else.

i've been playing/coaching my mix basketball team. and just now, i realize some of the mistake i've been makin as a coach, all the time i'm thinking of pushing my team, to push them and to squeeze out of them wat ever i can. to bring out the best in ppl. i thought i was doin wats good for them and my team, wat a silly dumb ass i am. i've fall for the rookie mistake of believin in the good nature of human being. of all ppl, i should've know wats in the festering depth of human soul.

some ppl just can't be dealt with dat way, wat i have been doin so far only works on ppl who are able, keen, young and naive. or determined. it doesn't work on seasoned professionals who live their life from one high to another. not too bad a way to live life i must say, its like living life through a gigantic drug induced roller-coaster.

anyway, dat is a little bit beside my point. now i've thought about it, its more about how to give them tools to enhance their abilities. much like our stone age fore-fathers. see, the nature of the beast has not changed through thousands of years of evolution. and may never be. all u can really do is just give them a sharpened wood and hope like hell they'll bring back the bacon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

"i will find u rathaman !!", upon which the reply was " i will destroy u first!"

one of the things about 80's cartoon dialog is dat nobody seems to notice these stupid come backs by the bad guys. mayb that's y the heroes of those cartoon always have a chance not because they are heroic but because the bad guys are just too dumb...

not sure if anybody still remembers conan the adventurer? its basically conan the barbarian, fighting against these snake men, except these snake men are disguised as human, so how do u know they are in fact, snake men? hmm? well, other than the fact that these snake men wear the same uniform even when they are still disguised as humans, conan also has a sword which can reveal their true forms, but there's one catch to this mighty useful sword, it can't actually kill any of these snake men! all it can do is send them to another dimension. so u dont actually get the satisfaction of revenge but u do have to worry about these bad guys having a comback if the series proves to be profitable and the tv executives decided to milk it for a few more seasons of it.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

our lives are so short.

i'm in my mid-20's and already, i feel as if a huge part of my life has already slipped away from me, i was a slave in every part of my life up to this point, i did everything i did to survive, wether it be socially or financially. now when i finally decide to live my life and suddenly i dont even know where to start. i am now trapped in a path of constantly having to move forward as a professional, because everything i did up to now is to make sure that i will keep on moving forward in this path. so in layman's term i have pretty much dug a hole for myself and more importantly, the hole is starting to collapse as well.

there is no end to this path, holidays and weekend are just a diversion to numb the pain, while every day i kill myself slowly with my own fear and in-decisiveness. is this fate? and is dis how we fight our fate? by correcting our own mistakes? i can't help but wonder........

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

back again with more gibberish and

from the daily grind, meaningless and in-consequential existence, all day long we try to validate the meaninglessness of our work, our existence, our life, tryin to give it some sort of meaning, so with each passing day, we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves we have made a difference.. absorbed in our little world, and assuming the universe is as shallow as our deepest thought.....

in truth, there is not much difference to be made, anything we do is in-consequential and ultimately amount to nothing, and we will always be absorbed in the little worlds we created around ourselves, but mayb, the single most important thing in life is being able to do wat u want and gets away with it.

accepting the meaninglessness of it all and be brave enough to live on and fight it out, and preserve the very core of your being until the very last. BE STRONG, BE VERY STRONG.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

herbie: Fully Loaded

its probably the crappiest movies of all time, i think there should be a criminal charge for making crappy movie like that.

bulk of the story is about lindsay lohan using Herbie to win races, because other than being a really old and crappy car, Herbie is a sentient being, therefore he will kick the asses of all other race cars, never mind the horse power, the engine and the milage, they don't stand a chance against a car that can honk its own horns.

there is one bit of the story that made me so mad, i made an alternative story line.

-- Herbie was sold by lindsay lohan to her arch rival because he offer her a sweet deal, and this is all after she found out about Herbie being a honking, winking sentient being.

so the arch-rival did wat every bad guy in the story suppose to do, he went medieval on Herbies ass, YEAH! (sorry, got a bit carried away there) anywayz, Herbie got his windshield smashed, the engine was ripped apart, which probably dint made things any different, tires was busted. yeah, Herbie's shit was all bang-ed up.

after all that lindsay lohan somehow felt guilty for her betrayal, so she got to the junkyard, found Herbie, and apologized to Herbie, hoping things are gonna be alright again. and Herbie was apparently ok with it after someone went all medieval on his ass, and was gonna offer his sevices again. --

-- alternate world story line -

Herbie: fuck you bitch, u dint think about me wen u sold me for a newer model, now you want me back? i busted my chops for you, and you sold me? do u know who i am? do u know who i am? i'm Herbie, bitch.

lindsay lohan: yeah, fuck you too, stop crying like a bitch about wat u went through and shit, yeah so wat i sold u? like u wouldn't do the same to me if u could? I just happen to be prettier than u and human, u are just an old ass busted car.

Herbie: oh yeah? well, u just burnt this bridge for good u hoe, u can walk ur ass to the race 2morow....

@ this point lindsay lohan set fire to the car and Herbie crashed into lindsay lohan, so they both died of fiery death.

the end.